Grove, a popular restaurant in the East Hills neighborhood of Grand Rapids, shut its doors in March amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The owners, Essence Restaurant Group,opened a new concept at the site, a to-go chicken joint. Now Jimmy Berger's Chicken Shack has announced this Saturday, June 6, will be their last day.

Wood TV 8 reports that Jimmy Berger's Chicken Shack started operating at 919 Cherry St SE on May 1.

Essence Restaurant Group announced the closure of the chicken joint on Facebook, saying they are now going to focus on reopening their two other restaurants,The Green Well and Bistro Bella Vita, for full-service dining under social-distancing rules.

Addressing the short-lived Jimmy Berger's Chicken Shack, they say,

I understand that some of you may be scratching your heads regarding the swift opening and closing of Jimmy Berger’s, but it’s all part of the quick-moving, food-service industry as well as the thought leadership and innovation that we at Essence Restaurants are known for. We know that taking risks puts us in a vulnerable position, but the outpouring of support we received during this pandemic reminded me that this market is for us, and we owe guests and followers transparency and honesty. We know you want to see us succeed. We’ve had to make some hard adjustments, but we’re always reaching for new, unique ways to serve you.

Essence Restaurant Group plans to announce a new restaurant coming to 919 Cherry Street later this summer, with a planned opening date for Fall 2020.

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