After showing us her "Booty" last year, Jennifer Lopez is now on her promotional grind for the thriller, "The Boy Next Door," which opens Friday; and for Fox-TV's "American Idol," which she returns as a judge on this season.

This week, the cover for the February/March issue of Complex magazine featuring J.Lo was revealed. The shoot features Lopez as the hot MILF next door.

Complex's readers are placed in a voyeuristic role as we peek through windows and take pretend pictures like a peeping Tom. Props to the editors for this very cool and slightly perverted feature spread.

In the interview, the 45-year-old pop icon opens up about her divorce and the possibility of finding love again.

"I’m grateful for all those trials and tribulations because with that you gain perseverance and the desire to learn and grow,” she tells the magazine. “So I’m happy about those experiences now. They’re painful in the moment, but now I see myself as a brave warrior princess who keeps going no matter what, and who has learned to cherish the things that matter in life, which is finding my own happiness first and then being able to share that with not just people in my life but with the world.”

Lopez also discusses the criticism over her bootylicious video for "Booty," which also features Iggy Azalea.

“I’m not allowed to be sexy because I’m a mom? It’s like, 'How do you think I got my children?'” she asked.

“Again, it’s about what feels good to me in this moment. It felt right. It’s a good message for women. I’m standing next to this girl who is 24 years old and I’m in my 40s and there’s no difference. Women need to see that and feel that. You can’t let the fear of what people might say or think stop you from doing what you want to do or else we would never do anything.”

Now that Lopez is in her 40s, the singer feels better today than when she was in her 20s.

“I feel great about being able to do everything that I did in my 20s better now,” she said. “That’s what happens as you mature, you get better. You have more experience. And I’m proud of that.”

Complex’s February/March issue with Jennifer Lopez on the cover will hit newsstands next week.

Meanwhile, you can also catch the actor, entertainer, musician, film and television producer, fashion designer, entrepreneur and humanitarian in her spot as judge on Fox-TV's "American Idol."

Check out the photos from the Complex magazine shoot below -- plus the "Booty" video and "Boy Next Door" trailer.

-- Trent Fitzgerald/The Boombox

Source: The Boombox

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