We are all feeling the pain at the pump so you better believe schools are too. Jackson Public Schools are adding 21 electric buses to its fleet.

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Price of Gas

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Most of us who have not gone electric know all about the pain at the pump these days. Most households are having to conserve what trips to make and to not make just to have gas to drive to and from work.

Diesel Price 5 Dollars a Gallon
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Those pump numbers are a bit low for around here but if your household is struggling to pay for gas, can you imagine the cost of gas to fill a fleet of school buses or semi's for a shipping company?

Like consumers, schools, and big companies are looking at ways to save money with rising fuel costs.

Jackson Public Schools to Add 21 Electric Buses To Fleet


Jackson Public Schools have been slowly phasing out its diesel-powered buses and moving toward electric-powered buses.

Having electric buses will be huge savings over time for Jackson Public Schools. Plus, not to mention when kids are waiting to get on the bus in the line of buses at schools they won't have to breathe in that diesel exhaust anymore.

School buses parked on a snow day.

Diesel buses require a lot more maintenance and care in the colder months and this all costs money and time. Yes, there is maintenance for electric buses but not like you have for diesel-powered ones.

Parked School Buses

To save money you have to spend money and this is where the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has stepped in for Jackson Public Schools as well as 24 additional Michigan schools by awarding $50 million to the state toward the purchase of new electric buses.

According to MLive, $8.3 of the federal money is going to Jackson Public schools for 21 new electric school buses. Soon all of the district's buses will either run on propane or be electric.

More and more Michigan schools and others around the nation will be moving forward in this manner and this is good for the economy and our environment.

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