It's Thursday which means it's time for another rousing game of "go through old photos and share them online." Today's takes me back to 2009. It was the premier of Harry Potter 6 and I was interning for Free Beer and Hot Wings, as well as working at Bennigans up in Big Rapids where I was going to school.

I remember this all so clearly because I dressed up somewhat like Harry Potter (if he was a drunk college girl) and had drinks at Bennigans before I left for the movie. I came in Monday to my internship and Producer Joe had found the images and showed them to the rest of the boys. Well that ended up with my friend (NOW HUSBAND! HAHA) getting made fun of for a good 20 minutes on the radio.

That said, here are some fun throw back photos from that night.

That's me holding my at the time buddys "employee of the month" picture... we are now married! HAH!