ArtPrize 2014: What's Going On October 9
This is the last day to vote for ArtPrize 2014.
Today (Thursday, Oct. 9) is the 16th day of ArtPrize's 19-day run, with 1,825 artists represented by 1,536 entries at 174 venues in downtown Grand Rapids and Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park.
The ArtPrize 2014finalists for public voting and j…
Jackie’s Throwback Thursday
This weeks throwback photo takes me back to 2010! That summer I was involved in a modeling contest with NM3 Magazine, a northern Michigan tourist magazine.
Jackie’s Throwback Thursday Picture
Ah yes throw back Thursday or as some people say, TBT! Today's throwback photo takes me back to 2007. This photo seems unimportant but is remember it being a really good day.
Jackie’s Throwback Thursday!
This week I throw it back to college... mainly because all the best stuff happened when I was in college. I love this picture of me and my girlfriends because we were at a party that was simply called, The Purple Party. Basically the theme was purple, and if you know me at all then you know I didn…
Jackie’s Throwback Thursday Photos
It's Thursday which means it's time for another rousing game of "go through old photos and share them online." Today's takes me back to 2009. It was the premier of Harry Potter 6 and I was interning for Free Beer and Hot Wings, as well as working at Bennigans up in…
Jackie’s Throwback Thursday Pic
It's Thursday and a common social media thing is this whole hashtag, throwback thursday thing. I decided why not share a throwback pic today! This one is a real gem! I'm taking you back to St. Patricks Day 2006! What a year my friends... My shirt simply says, "I'm Irish&a…