You may or may not care, but last week I got married!

The wedding went by way too fast. It felt like one minute I was standing in the church ready to prance down the aisle (to Tesla, "Love Song"), and the next minute I was prancing back down the aisle (to The Darkness, "I Believe In A Thing Called Love").

Time flew and I was at the reception rocking out and drinking heavily!

I don't have all my photos back yet, but I got a few.

I had an especially great time rollin' in the stretch excursion from Affordable Limousine!

Also, we had karaoke at my wedding (duh), and "Metal Head" Ned and I may or may not have rocked out to the "Time Warp" from "Rocky Horror Picture Show."

Karaoke with Ned!


Gettin the garter!


In our limo from Affordable Limousine


My cousin is up my dress doin' God knows what!


Our first dance!


our rings, my shoes, my bouquet (from my fabulous aunt!) our center pieces, and the bridesmaid dresses!


me =)


Entering the reception!


Our church all spruced up and ready for the ceremony!


My husband and me!