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If you want to the best corn mazes to visit in West Michigan, you can check it out here.

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When it comes to the world's largest corn maze, did you know that it is not far away?

Let's take a mini trip to Illinois.

Where is the world's largest corn maze?

When you google this question, you instantly get an answer.

Richardson Adventure Farm

Dubbed 'the world's largest corn maze', Richardson Adventure Farm is located in Spring Grove, Illinois, which is only a four-hour drive away from Grand Rapids.

Richardson Adventure Farm
Richardson Adventure Farm

With 9 to 10 miles of trail going through 28 acres of corn, you will have a full day's challenge ahead of you.

"The maze is actually created out of 4 smaller mazes. Each one has its own dedicated in and out path. There are multiple checkpoints throughout the maze as well as three bridges that will help you find your bearings while looking at the map."

Do not worry! There are checkpoints to help with the challenge of solving the maze.

2023 Maze AT Richardson Adventure Farm

Richardson Adventure Farm
Richardson Adventure Farm

This year's theme is all about celebrating 30 years of a classic movie franchise: Jurassic Park!

"The Richardson Farm 2023 “World’s Largest” corn maze celebrates 30 years of Jurassic Park! Explore our labyrinth of corn stalks in shapes of familiar scenes from the movies including a giant T-Rex chase! Do you dare brave the world of Jurassic Park?"

Richardson Adventure Farm
Richardson Adventure Farm


Maze Features

There are several different features of this huge corn maze.

There are 5 different games you can play that are suitable for all ages. Some last only 10 to 20 minutes but one of them lasts for 2 hours!

  • Finger Sillies Maze Game - Made for kids, but fun for all! (10 min)
  • Farm Scene Investigation Game - Similar to the game of Clue (20 min)
  • Farm Tracks Maze Game - Create animal track rubbings along the trail! (10 min)
  • Quiz Questions Maze Game - Can you figure out the answers? (20 min)
  • 24 Hidden Checkpoints Game - Test your map reading skills! (1 to 1 1/2 hours to find all)

Will you be experiencing the world's largest corn maze?

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