I am not a big fan of the winter months!

Personally, I tend to stay off the road in the winter cause I would be a danger to society on the road with snow.

However, if you are on the road, avoid these five vehicles in a snowy situation.

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What Five Vehicles To Avoid For Michigan Winters?

Here are the vehicles that you should stay away from in a snowstorm.

Delivery Trucks

With the Christmas holiday approaching, there will be a lot of delivery trucks on the road. So keep in mind that you should avoid them at all costs.
For delivery trucks, they are often too light with very little traction. Plus, delivery trucks also stop in the middle of the road to make deliveries, so you could stuck behind them.

Volkswagon Bugs And Small Cars

Snowy winter in the city. Cars stuck in snowdrifts during a night snowstorm
Who loves their buggies?
It may be a cute car but it is a vehicle you should avoid if you can during a winter storm.
Not only are these vehicles small and hard to see in the snow, but they are also not the best in icy, slippery conditions.

Sports Cars

Who doesn't love a ride with the top down in a sports car?

If you want to protect your beautiful convertible, you should not have it on the road in the front place in the winter.

These are way too nice to have on a salty and snowy road.
They also have too much horsepower and little grip when it gets slushy.

White Vehicles

groutaone via YouTube
groutaone via YouTube
It is hard enough to see cars in a snowstorm. A white car or truck will make the road even more dangerous.


Imagine trying to see what is in front of you but only seeing white!

Mini Vans

The ultimate mom car!

Yes, while it is great for families, it lacks traction and is light in the back end.

5 Vehicles That Don't Belong On The Roads In A Snowstorm

Gallery Credit: Clay Moden

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