You are probably like, "Slow down! We just had sunny skies and hot weather."

Well, unfortunately, that time is coming to an end rather quickly.

You will be worried about your Halloween costumes soon enough.

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Rather worry about costumes than what device you will need to get rid of all of the snow that is coming.

So, get prepared now! Immediate;y!

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Do I actually need a snow blower?

What type of question is that?!?

Yes! If you do not believe me, let me share some stats with you.

MLive shared that last winter,

Grand Rapids has shoveled 109.2 inches of snow this winter. That now puts the snow season of 2022-2023 as the third snowiest winter on record at Grand Rapids.

Winters in Grand Rapids do not mess around! That lake-effect snow will kick your butt quickly!


When Should You Buy A Snow Blower?

Umm...ASAP! You might as well add it to your cart as you are reading this!

Reader's Digest and Snow Blowers Direct say that you have missed the best time to buy a snowblower. It is essentially right at the end of spring/early summer around May or June.

Snowy winter in the city. Cars stuck in snowdrifts during a night snowstorm

You want to get a snow blower well before you actually need it for multiple reasons.

With winter on its way to Michigan, every Michigander is and will be snatching up snow blowers so the prices will jump to crazy costs!

Also, most manufacturers only make a certain amount of snow blowers each season. So once they are gone, they are gone. Simple.

Go snag a snow blower right now!

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