Decorating the Christmas tree is an important part of Christmas traditions.

If you do not have enough ornaments for your tree, I have another one that you can buy right now.

This one is dedicated to Grand Rapids' very own.

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White House Christmas Ornaments History

The White House
The White House Historical Association

The White House Christmas ornament has been a part of the White House tradition since 1981.

"Since 1981, the White House Historical Association has been proud to foster the Official White House Christmas Ornament program. Each ornament sequentially honors a president or White House anniversary and collecting and giving these unique ornaments has become a holiday tradition for families across the United States and abroad. Purchase the Official 2023 White House Christmas Ornament and help preserve our shared American story for generations to come."

President Gerald R. Ford Honored White House Christmas Ornaments

Find A Grave
Find A Grave

Grand Rapids' very own President Gerald R. Ford has been honored with this year's White House Christmas ornament.

According to The White House Historical Association,

"This year, the Official White House Christmas Ornament is a festive holiday wreath, adorned on the front with decorations inspired by the handcrafted Christmas ornaments used in the White House during the Gerald R. Ford Jr., administration. Dozens of dolls, cherubs, doves, stars, flowers, gingerbread men, candles, and pentagon balls, in bright, cheery colors are featured with red ribbons at the bottom bearing the words “Christmas 2023” and “The White House.”

How Was President Ford Honored On The White House Christmas Ornament?

On the back of the ornament are different emblems that have significance for the life and presidency of Gerald R. Ford.

The White House
The White House Historical Association

Here are the details:

  • “Troop 15”
    • Ford earned the rank of Eagle Scout, the highest achievable rank in the Boy Scouts of America. He is currently the only president to have achieved this honor.
  • A football with the number “48”
    • Ford wore the number 48 when playing for the University of Michigan.
  • A golden retriever
    • Liberty, the Ford family’s famous dog
  • A Bicentennial pin
    • The pin symbolizes President and Mrs. Ford’s contributions to celebrating the 200th anniversary of America’s founding, including a State Dinner in honor of Queen Elizabeth II.
  • An emblem for the USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN 78)
    • the first-in-class aircraft carrier commissioned to honor the thirty-eighth president as the flagship of the Gerald R. Ford Carrier Strike Group.
  • A gold plaque featuring a view toward the North Portico of the White House identifies Ford’s time as president from 1974 to 1977.

If you want to buy this year's ornament, you can buy it here.

Young Gerald Ford and His Grand Rapids Boyhood Home

Michigan's President Gerald Ford's UFO Papers

In June of 1966, following a number of unidentified flying objects spotted in Southern Michigan and other parts of the country, then United States Congressman Gerald R. Ford took the United States Air Force to task for trying to dismiss his constituents' sightings as the result of swamp gas. Here are the papers, courtesy of the Gerald R Ford Presidential Library & Museum.

Gallery Credit: Scott Clow

Gerald Ford's Family's Summer Cottage

This quaint cottage near Holland, Michigan is where Gerald Ford's family vacationed through the 1960s.

The 900-square-foot cabin was built in the early 1900s and features three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a rich history.

Gallery Credit: George McIntyre

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