Earlier this year, Tulip Time announces two new events!

And now, they are back with even more events!

If you have no idea, what Tulip Time is, let me explain it to you briefly.

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The 94th Tulip Time Festival is happening from May 6th to May 14th.

Tulip Time brings thousands to the City of Holland.

According to Tulip Time's website,

"Celebrating our 93rd year in 2022, Tulip Time has grown over the years to be so much more than a flower festival. Back in 1929, the City of Holland planted its first crop of 100,000 tulips and the overwhelming number of visitors over the years as the Festival took shape resulted in the addition of programs, pageantry, costumes, parades, and the popular Dutch Dancers. Each year, we strive to showcase all that Holland, Michigan has to offer."

They also have been ranked a part of the Top 20 events in the world by the International Festival and Events Association.

What are the new updates?

Tulip Immersion Garden

At last year's festival, 14,000 people showed up at the Tulip Immersion Garden. It even sold out during the opening weekend.

This year, the Tulip Immersion Garden has been moved to the Beechwood Church campus and they expanding the flowers to 65,000 from 50,000.

Dutch Costume Sale

On Wednesday, April 12th, the Dutch Costume Sale is where you can buy new and gently used costumes.

It is happening at the Holland Civic Center Place between 5:00 PM and 8:00 PM.

Before Tulip Time comes up, make you read your very own Tulip Time guide.

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