Michiganders love a good lake.

Known for the Great Lakes and all of the summer fun you have, Michigan lakes also can be fun during the winter.

Do you know what the deepest lake in Michigan is?

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What Is The Deepest Lake In Michigan?

That privilege goes to Lake Superior.

Lake Superior is the largest freshwater lake in the entire world!

This Great Lake has a depth of 1,333 feet. The total surface area of the lake is 31,700 square miles!

AZ Animals
AZ Animals

There is more water in Lake Superior than in all of the other Great Lakes combined!

Besides Lake Superior, What Is The Deepest Lake In Michigan?

While Lake Superior is great and all, there is another lake that is the deepest.

It is even deeper than one of the Great Lakes.

Torch Lake.


The deepest part of Torch Lake is 285 feet, which is deeper than Lake Erie.

AZ Animals shared that,

"One key detail about Torch lake is that it is the deepest inland lake in Michigan. The average depth of Torch Lake is 111 feet. The deepest point of Torch Lake is said to be 285 feet, but this is debated. Some sources state the true depth is 310 feet, while others estimate the deepest point at 350 feet. Either way, it is a very deep lake!"

Torch Lake runs about 19 miles long, which also makes it the state's longest inland lake.

It also has 41 miles of shoreline!

Michigan's Most Haunted Body of Water: Lake Superior

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