Rise and shine, Michigan foodies! If you're looking to start your daily with some culinary bliss we've got the perfect place to wake up your taste buds.

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Finance Buzz just released a tasty list of the best breakfast joints in America. This list of popular spots coast-to-coast is filled with those spots that serve up the best basics and those dishes that make breakfast the best meal of the day.

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Although there are some pretty incredible places across the state to get your breaky on, one place, in particular, stood out to the Finance Buzz team as one of the most popular spots around.

What's the Best Breakfast Spot in Michigan?

Taking the honors as the best restaurant to start your day is The Hudson Cafe on Woodward Avenue in Detroit. The eatery, opened in 2011, is named appropriately for the iconic Hudson's department store that was located just across the street. They even serve their version of the legendary Hudson's Maurice Salad, but it's their early morning menu that really makes the mark.

Menu items to entice your palate include Cinnabun pancakes, Voodoo benedict, and delicious crepes. There are also scrumptious vegan and gluten-free menu selections. It's safe to say there's something for everyone's taste and style to enjoy.

If you haven't had the pleasure of indulging in their morning delights yet at The Hudson Cafe, it's time to set your alarm a little earlier and treat yourself to a truly award-winning breakfast experience.

Check out the full list of the Best Breakfast Joints in America here.

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