An Oakland County man who says he never scratches off the dollar amounts on his winning instant tickets was surprised to learn that he'd won $4 million.

The 59-year-old player, who has chosen not to reveal his identity (I don't blame him, do you?), says he likes to be surprised when he takes his tickets to the store to scan them.

This time he got the surprise of a lifetime when he learned that he won the grand prize of $4 million on the Michigan Lottery's Millionaire's Club ticket.

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Ticket Had Been Collecting Dust in a Drawer

Additionally, the player says his winning ticket had been sitting in a drawer collecting dust for a few months before he cashed it in.

“When I play instant games, I never scratch off the amounts, even if I win, because I like the surprise of finding out the winning amount when I take it to a store to cash it,” said the player. “When I scratched my Millionaire’s Club ticket, I saw I won, but per usual, I didn’t scratch the amount. I put the ticket in a drawer to keep it for the next time I needed some extra cash."

When he finally took the ticket to the store to scan it, he got a message to file a claim at the lottery office.

It was only then that he scratched off the amount and learned that he was a $4 million winner.

"When I saw it was a $4 million winner, I was amazed," he said. It's been very hard to wrap my head around!"

The Player tells the Michigan Lottery he plans to use the money to invest and start a business.

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