Picture meticulously planning your wedding for months, investing thousands, only to discover the chosen venue declared bankruptcy. Now, your wedding is postponed, and you're out thousands of dollars. Unfortunately, this is the reality for couples who had booked a venue in Leelanau County for the 2024 wedding season.

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A wedding venue known as 'Nature' in northern Michigan recently declared bankruptcy and closed its doors for good. This wouldn't be much of a story if that's all there was to tell. However, this venue had already collected thousands of dollars and reserved dates for couples planning to get married.

According to The Ticker, the owner of the venue sent an email last week to couples to announce the bad news. This guy didn't just tell customers that they no longer had a venue for their wedding, he also basically told them they wouldn't be getting their money back.

The long and short of it, as it affects you, is that everyone who has booked a date for an event at Nature in the future is likely to experience some form of loss or negative impact as a result of this business failure. Neither I personally nor the now-defunct company possess any funds or other resources after bankruptcy to make things right or otherwise offer amends.

One couple had a wedding planned for June and had already paid $10,000. Their lawyer told them that they would be lucky to get one cent on the dollar back.

Well, if that's not messed up, I don't know what is.

The owner said the operation failed partly due to the pandemic. I'll be honest, I'm really getting tired of companies using COVID as an excuse for everything.

For additional details, you can read more on The Ticker. Warning: the further you delve into the story, the more infuriated you'll become.

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