Michigan's most iconic Christmas dish May surprise you.

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The folks at Delish put together a list of the most iconic Christmas dishes in every state, and to be honest, Michigan's favorite is a disappointment.

For example, in Arizona the favorite is flan. Idaho residents enjoy prime rib during the holidays and Texans are serving up deep fried turkey.

Michigan's most iconic Christmas dish does not sound nearly as appetizing as all of the above. Sure, it's a holiday staple - but not what we would call a Christmas dish.

If you have not guessed already, Michigan's most iconic Christmas dish is a desert. Other states that name a desert as its most iconic Christmas dish include the following,

  • Ohio: Buckeyes
  • Oklahoma: Cinnamon Rolls
  • Rhode Island: Apple Pie
  • South Carolina: Pecan Pie
  • Virginia: Peanut Butter Pie
  • Minnesota: Christmas Cookies
  • Missouri: Butter Cake
  • New Hampshire: Pumpkin Pie

Michigan's most iconic Christmas dish is very close to one of the above dishes.

It's not apple pie, peanut butter pie, or pecan pie. Have you narrowed down your guess?

Without further ado, according to Delish, Michigan's most iconic Christmas dish is sugar cookies. Very similar to Minnesota and Christmas cookies.


As mentioned above, cookies are a staple during the holidays. People don't leave ham out for Santa Claus, we leave cookies. That being said, when we hear Christmas dish we think mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, turkey, and ham.

Not sugar cookies.

To be clear, we are not going to turn down a sugar cookie, we just would like to enjoy one on Christmas Day after Beef Wellington and scalloped potatoes.

You can see the complete list of Iconic Christmas Dishes in the United States here.

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