Last Friday (8/25) morning in the city of Marquette, a black bear was spotted running through the streets.

While it's not uncommon for residents of Michigan's Upper Peninsula to spot a black bear from time to time, it is a bit unusual to see one running the city's streets during the day.

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According to TV6, the TV6 Weather cameras in downtown Marquette caught the bear crossing Front Street and disappearing at the corner near Steinhaus. About two minutes later, the bear reappears at the corner of Front and Washington Streets before crossing Front again and traipsing toward the Lakeshore.

I also saw several business owners who shared photos and videos of the bear running through downtown Marquette.

Donckers Facebook
Donckers Facebook

Did Anyone Get Hurt?

The bear didn't cause any reported damage and didn't hurt any humans. The bear was more than likely just nosing around for a little something to snack on. Black Bears have an amazing sense of smell and have monstrous appetites.

Michigan Department of Natural Resources:

They are capable of remembering the locations of food sources from year to year. Bears will travel great distances to find food. Black bears are omnivorous and opportunistic feeders, eating both plant and animal matter. Bears will eat tender vegetation, nuts, berries, and insects. Problems occur when bears attempt to feed on human foods, garbage, pet foods, or birdseed.

This summer, we shared a story about a woman who spotted a bear in her Flushing, Michigan backyard. While such sightings are typical in the Upper Peninsula, they remain less frequent in Genesee County.

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