It's always fun when celebrities take a visit to their local MLB stadium to throw out the ceremonial first pitch. It's even more fun when they suck.

In the grand scheme of things, Detroit Tigers games haven't been plagued with too many bad first pitches. But after some research, here are my top 5 worst pitches to date.

5. Jim Harbaugh

In 2015, after taking the head coaching job at Michigan, Harbaugh got the call to throw the ceremonial first pitch as the Tigers hosted the Pittsburgh Pirates. The pitch isn't bad per say, but for the amount of flair he put on his windup, and the amount of zip on the ball, the toss was far too high to be in anyone's strike zone unless your name is Yao Ming. I expect much more from a former NFL Pro Bowl quarterback.

Watch Harbaugh's Pitch

 4. Jack White and Santa

White Stripes singer and guitarist Jack White threw out the ceremonial pitch in July of 2014 ahead of the Tigers game against the Chicago White Sox on "Christmas in July" night at Comerica Park. So, of course, he was pitching to his road manager wearing a Santa suit. Let's just say neither White nor his manager will be getting a call up to the big leagues any time soon.

Watch Jack White's Pitch

   3. Robocop

June 3rd 2014, Comerica hosted Robocop Day at the park. I guess he forgot that he's supposed to have superhuman strength thanks to his cybernetic replacements. Maybe they were malfunctioning that day, because his pitch didn't even make it to the plate.

Watch Robocop's Pitch

Now, this is where things really start to fall apart. Seriously, the #2 and #1 spot margins are extremely thin.

 2. Ric Flair

This pitch didn't happen at Comerica Park, but it did happen while the Tigers were on the road to the Houston Astros in 2019. It's another pitch that doesn't make it to the plate, and makes me want to never join in on the 'Woos' circling Little Caesars Arena during a Red Wings game ever again.

Watch Ric Flair's Pitch 

1. Denard Robinson

Robinson was selected to throw the first pitch ahead of the Tigers home game against the Toronto Blue Jays in April of 2013, just before his NFL Draft. Robinson shoelace bounced the ball just as bad as one could, but seemed to be a good sport about it afterwards- but it certainly earned him the #1 spot on this list.

Watch Denard Robinson's Pitch

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