Spooky season is here and Michigan has shown up to play.

There are two types of people in this world: those that go overboard decorating for Christmas and those that go overboard decorating for Halloween. Now that the fall weather is approaching and Halloween is just over a month away, the Halloween fanatics have begun construction on their displays in cities all over Michigan, from Battle Creek to Bay City to Canton and everywhere in between.

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If you have driven around during spooky season, you likely have seen a 12-foot-tall skeleton in someone's yard. First released by Home Depot in the summer of 2020, "Skelly" took the Halloween fanatics by storm and has been waging war against Home Owner's Associations ever since.

Home Depot changed the game with the creation of Skelly. Since then, the nation's largest home improvement retailer has made their presence known in the Halloween market. Many other retailers have tried to duplicate this 12-foot masterpiece, but in my opinion, they have all fallen short.

Another thing that has come from the arrival of Skelly is a brand new Halloween community on Facebook. If you are looking for ideas or new to the 12-foot skeleton game and need advice, there are two great groups out there for you to check out. The Facebook groups "12 Ft Skeleton Halloween Club" and "12 Foot Skeleton owners group" are filled with ideas and photos to draw inspiration and get help from.

Home Depot has also added several more 12-footers to the lineup, the ultra poseable 5-footers (which are amazing if you are a child at heart like I am,) and many more. Halloween just keeps getting better and better.

Big thanks to my fellow Skelly enthusiasts from 12 Ft Skeleton Halloween Club for letting me use their photos for this post! Be sure to check the group out on Facebook as these are photos only from Michigan...there are so many more awesome ideas and displays out there to check out as well.

Check out Skelly displays from all over Michigan below.

Source: 12 Ft Skeleton Halloween Club via Facebook

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