There's one Pure Michigan outdoor activity that could bring heavy fines if you're not careful.

Michigan's Outdoor Recreation

Now that the weather is starting to warm up, Michiganders are leaving their homes and partaking in the great outdoors. And there is so much Michigan splendor to take part in. There are five Great Lakes, and thousands of smaller ones too; Tahquamenon Falls and its State Park in the Upper Peninsula; and don't forget about Pictured Rocks.

But if you're planning a trip to a different Pure Michigan destination, make sure you're ready to handle it, because there are expensive consequences if you don't.

Enter: Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.


Getting Rescued from Sleeping Bear Dunes

Every year millions of people, Michiganders and tourists alike, flock to these sandy dunes with an amazing view of Lake Michigan. And every year, there's always someone who miscalculates their abilities, and ends up needing rescued, DESPITE the fact that there are plenty of warning signs telling people about the dangers and the fines associated.

Why would someone need rescuing? It's because the dunes are particularly steep. Plus, it's approximately one and a half miles from top to bottom. And what goes down, must come back up. Keep in mind, walking back requires walking back up... in sand... Some people can't handle that kind of physical excursion. And sometimes, injuries and dehydration plays a factor.

How Much Does it Cost to Be Rescued From Sleeping Bear Dunes?

In the unfortunate circumstances that you do need to be rescued, know that it could cost you up to $3,000. “The National Park Service does not charge for search and rescue but some of the local fire departments will" says Park Ranger Andy Blake.

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They make about 30 rescues a year, so don't think it can't happen to you. To do your best to avoid a fine and make it down and up the dunes by yourself, there are some best ways to prepare;

  • wear loose fitting clothes
  • wear light colored clothes
  • wear a hat
  • wear sunscreen
  • wear proper shoes
  • bring water
  • bring electrolyte drink
  • bring sweet and salty snacks

And don't forget to bring the energy and the can-do attitude, so as best to avoid that $3,000 fine.

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