Everyone who plays the lottery plays for one reason: to win big.

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We all wanna get our hands on that cold, hard cash. But before we can even get there, we have to pick numbers and buy a ticket... or two or three...

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But how do you pick your numbers?

How to Pick Powerball Numbers

Are you the type of person that just lets the machine assign you some random numbers? Or are you the type of person who specifically picks each number? Maybe you use your "lucky number" or your kid's birthday or some other number based on some other special reason to you.


Regardless of how you normally pick your numbers, you may want to start picking them based on the most frequently drawn numbers instead.

The Most Common Lottery Numbers

Whatever the reasoning is behind it, there are some numbers that are way more commonly drawn than others.

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USA Mega has been collecting data on the drawings since October 31st, 2017 (the number matrix was last changed then), and they have all kinds of statistics on the numbers drawn.

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If you're feeling lucky and want to buy a ticket with the most commonly pulled numbers, here they are:

  1.  #10 - 9.52% of drawings
  2.  #3 - 9.22% of drawings
  3.  #17 - 9.06% of drawings
  4.  #14 - 8.91% of drawings
  5.  #8 - 8.76% of drawings

Want the Mega Ball number? The most commonly drawn number is #22, involved in 5.68% of drawings.

Now that you've got this knowledge, go forth and give it a try. You never know, you might get lucky and win big!

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