The state of Michigan is no stranger when it comes to a good beer scene. I mean, they don't call Grand Rapids "Beer City U.S.A." without earning that moniker for good reason.

However, Grand Rapids is a big city. In fact, Grand Rapids is one of Michigan's 11 major cities, the second biggest one, with a population of 198,096 people.

Best Small Town Beer Scenes in the U.S.

Instead of looking at big cities, USA Today took a look at small cities across the nation. They looked at towns with a population of 30,000 people or less and were able to whittle down a list of the "10 best small town beer scenes in the US", and what they determined is no shocker to anyone living in the Mitten State... Michigan has a city that made the list!

Photo via Canva
Photo via Canva

Not only does Michigan have a city that made the top ten list, this particular Michigan city cracks the top three in the ranking.

If you're looking for an awesome beer scene in Michigan that has way fewer people than Grand Rapids, then Traverse City is the place to go.

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USA Today ranked Traverse City as having the third best small town beer scene in the nation.

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What Makes Traverse City One of the Best Small Town Beer Scenes in the Country

Now, Traverse City has been well known for its cherry and winery scene for quite some time, but the beer scene is really picking up steam.

There are a good amount of breweries, pubs, and more in the area, including Jolly Pumpkin, North Peak Brewing, Right Brain Brewery, and more.

So if you're planning your next Michigan brewery road trip, make sure Traverse City is a stop on your map.

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