There is a stone wall out in the thick woods in the Keweenaw Peninsula near Laurium. Is it the remains of an old mine? Lumber camp? Factory? House? Some kind of business? WRONG on all counts.

The wall looks like it was made of thick concrete bricks, like the kind you might see in a basement: layered, piece upon piece. But no. This incredible wall is natural, not amazing example of nature at work. It is said to be made of a conglomeration of sandstone, shale, and volcanic rock.

But what makes this look like it was man-made? Erosion during sedimentation, for one. It sits in a deep ravine and juts out of the side, which leads one to believe there is more of the ‘wall’ buried in the earth.

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The squared stones blocks kind of remind me of the making of the pyramids...some people believe aliens made the pyramids. I’m sure there may be those who feel the same way about the origin of this ‘wall’. If you attempt to pay a visit, be forewarned – the sides of the ravine are steep, and being in the woods, they are more than likely to be slippery, so accidents are a good possibility.

At one angle, the wall looks like the profile of a big 30-foot stone face sitting in this 60-foot-deep ravine; some of the stone has broken away, making a kind of stairway...but still treacherous.

If you attempt a visit, there are no man-made stairs, decks, or trails to follow. Did you go alone, fall, and break a leg? Well, there is no cell phone service, either.

We are told this ancient wall is on private property, so behave accordingly – if this is correct information, seek permission to enter. What do you think? Is it all-natural - or made by man thousands of years ago? Evidently, visitors are welcome, but be respectful and enjoy this freak of nature...see the photos below!

Keweenaw Wall: NOT Man-Made


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