It comes as no surprise to anyone that Detroit has numerous neighborhoods full of abandoned, burned, vandalized, gutted, and empty homes. Empty lots where houses once stood have sidewalks that lead to nowhere along with garbage, dirty clothes, litter upon litter, shopping carts, and dead trees.

Properties have crumbled concrete, collapsed roofs, caved-in porches, broken or boarded windows, stripped siding, graffiti, broken stairs, mattresses strewn about, etc.

The oft-said phrase “if you've seen one, you've seen 'em all” doesn't necessarily hold water when it comes to these deserted neighborhoods. There always seems to be something different that catches your eye...not a pretty sight, but still something that makes it hard to look away.

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Some of these neighborhoods are in the vicinity of Saratoga, Edison, Dexter, Wager, Concord, Kirby, Pressler, Maxwell, Medbury, Dubois streets and more. Abandoned buildings that are aside from the homes include a dilapidated tiny corner gas station and a block-long gutted factory.

Looking at these is sad and distressing, but it also makes one wonder what these neighborhoods will look like one hundred years from now.

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