Let's face it: if a card game goes hand in hand with the Mitten State, it's Euchre. Friendships have been forged and destroyed with cards dealt out in twos and threes. But what games do Michiganders turn to when there are too many for a hand at Euchre and too few for a tournament? Let's take a look at Michigan's 10 favorite card games that aren't Euchre.

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Casinos.com recently mined data available on Google Trends to find the most popular games in America and each state. Before diving into Michigan's goto card games, let's look at what tops the national trends.

The Most Popular Card Games in America and Michigan

Michigan's Favorite Card Games - That Aren't Euchre

While not Eucrhe, America's 4th and 5th favorite games are both trick-based card games: #5 Hearts and #4 Spades. The main difference between the two and Euchre is that they are dealt with a full 52-card deck vs 24.

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Coming in as America's #3 favorite card game is Solitaire, the game for lonely souls. This game increases in popularity as quickly as productivity declines in offices where the digital version hasn't been uninstalled from computers.

Michigan's Favorite Card Games - That Aren't Euchre

The final two favorite games in the United States are a favorite at game nights and casinos across the country. Coming in at #2 is Blackjack and the search for the elusive 21.

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And America's favorite card game? If you haven't already guessed, poker was the favorite game in no fewer than 19 states. So, which card game ranked as Michigan's favorite? Read on to see what the Mitten State is playing when we have a full deck (not just 24 for Euchre).

Michigan's 10 Favorite Card Games - Other Than Euchre

Casinos.com recently dove into Google Trends data to determine which card games Michigan plays the most. Let's take a look at what Michiganders are playing when we have a full deck, not just 24 for Euchre. Here are the Top 10 Card Games in Michigan, according to Casinos.com.

Gallery Credit: Scott Clow

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