Michiganders and cars go together like peanut butter and jelly, pasties and venison, and 'ope' and 'let me squeeze right past you.' If you're looking for an excuse to spend more time in your car, here's a challenge: Drive every paved roadway in the state. How many miles could you travel in Michigan if you were to drive every paved road? More than you might think. The state has enough paved roads to build a one-lane road from Earth to the Moon.

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I'm not sure you can truly appreciate the sheer immenseness of Michigan's roadways without venturing to the Upper Peninsula. I don't mean crossing the Mackinaw Bridge, taking a selfie, having a Pastie, and heading back down.

Michigan's Roadways: Counting the Miles of Paved Surfaces

To truly appreciate the vastness of the state's transportation system, you'll need to cross the Might Mac, take a left, and eventually a right, then keep going into the Keweenaw Peninsula, where the highway ends, and a two-track begins.

Revealing the Total Miles of Michigan's Paved Roadways

Michigan's Roadways: Counting the Miles of Paved Surfaces

While not all are smooth or perfect, Michigan has 120,256 miles of paved roadways, making it 10th for most miles in the nation. Unsurprisingly, Hawaii has the crown for the fewest paved surfaces, with 4,555.

As for the state with the most miles of paved roads, Texas has over 313,596. To drive every mile of that state, you'd likely go through more than one car, considering that the average vehicle lasts just 200,000 miles in the US. That said, you could cover all of Michigan and still have around 80,000 miles to get to work, run errands, and pick up the kids.

Road Fatalities: Most Dangerous Time, Day, and Month by State

Knowing what dangers are ahead is part of being a good driver. Georgia-based attorneys at Bader Scott gathered information from the National Highway Safety Transportation Administration (NHTSA) to determine the most fatal time, day, and month to be on the road in each of the 50 states.

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50 of Michigan's "Must-Drive" Roads

Gas up the car, grab those road munchies and a roadtrip partner that you can trust, and head out on some of Michigan's most unique roads and routes. Make sure you take lots of photos and video!

Plank Roads

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