As someone who was born and raised in Michigan, I don't bat an eyelash at the thought of driving an hour or more for a meal. That said, I would be willing to drive several hours without a break to try Michigan's best taco. Fortunately for taco lovers, sampling the Mitten's best taco requires a quick trip to Dearborn (sorry, Northern Michigan and Yuppers, but come on down, these tacos are delicious!).

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Before the big reveal of Michigan's best taco, we must ask what makes a good taco. Does it rest solely on the tortilla, the meat, the spices, or the toppings? All of the above were considered when determining Michigan's Best Taco.

Gourmet Ingredients and an Award-Winning Chef Behind Michigan's Best Taco

The Best Tacos in Michigan, and the USA, Are Found Here
loading... recently sampled tacos from all 50 states and determined that the best taco in Michigan is served at 13214 Michigan Avenue in Dearborn, home of M Cantina. This restaurant specializes in turning 'street food' into a culinary experience.

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According to's official ranking, the little things done in the M Cantina kitchen make their tacos so delectable. Take, for example, their Chiles Rellenos Tacos, which include a poblano pepper stuffed with queso fresco, then deep-fried and added to your taco topped with salsa, rice, micro-popcorn, and, of course, beans. Are you ready to make the drive to Dearborn yet?

The Best Tacos in Michigan, and the USA, Are Found Here

The M Cantina menu looks loaded, and they have a wide selection of drinks for adults and kids alike. If you go, add some time to review the menu; there are over 20 different kinds of tacos.

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