The world is a dangerous place, and we have to look after one another more than ever now. Criminals are getting creative with how they commit their acts, and have some sophisticated ways of communicating to their network.

Especially, when it comes to human trafficking, things can get scary real quick, so if you see this outside your home in Michigan, in the snow, contact authorities immediately.

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People who live alone have enough to worry about - paying the bills, keeping their home clean, preparing all their meals. But when you live alone, especially as a woman, you unfortunately become a target for some criminals, so you need to be on your toes even more.

Case and point, a woman named Jade, posted on TikTok, an incident she ran into at her home, where she saw a message drawn into her trashcan outside her house.



@inked.jade What does this mean? @dutchintheusa ♬ original sound - Jade

While Jade genuinely didn't understand what the message meant, many were quick to bring up the conversation of human trafficking, and criminal activity. One person summed it up pretty bluntly.

"It means one female. They are telling the people who are supposed to rob you or whatever that you live alone. Means you're being watched! Be careful."

While Jade was understandably scared by the responses, many were quick to offer advice, and ways she could protect her self, most notably, "Wipe the snow off IMMEDIATELY from the trashcan."

While Jade's story is scary, it's a lesson for those of us who do live in areas where it snows, if you do see something like this drawn in the snow near your home, or place of work, or even your car, be on high alert, let someone know immediately, and even call the police if you genuinely feel like you're in danger.

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