There are so many places in Michigan that were once great attractions that are now nothing more than a decaying eyesore, filled with the ghosts of fun times past. In Southwest Michigan, we had the slide-a-way in Kalamazoo, which was like a fun waterpark. Very similarly on the east side of the state in Shelby Township Was the memorable Four Bears Waterpark.

Both of these places are now a shell of what they once were with shadows of all the fun times that still left their mark on the landscape today one of the most disappointing areas in the state that was once one of the largest attractions in the entire country is the exact opposite now.

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The Saginaw County Fairgrounds located at 2701 E. Genesee Ave. in Saginaw, Michigan isn’t beyond hope, but many believe there’s no coming back after letting the area become vegetated and uncared for so many years.

Sadly, the only thing that will be remaining of this landmark after this year is the front gate which is a federal landmark and can’t be taken down. One person recalls just how much of an impact the Saginaw County Fair had in its glory days:

One of the largest attractions in the entire united states was here in saginaw it attracted almost  500,000 people now it's being completely taken down as an eyesore it just shows that times change and you have to change with them or it will be completely taken out. As soon as the weather is nicer everything but the gate(It's a federal landmark it can't be taken down) will be in history

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