Spring has officially sprung! After a long, cold winter we've finally made it to my favorite time of the year.

With spring comes rain showers, blooming flowers, and plenty of newborn wildlife. If you're hoping to bring some of that newfound wildlife into your back yard this spring, this West Michigan library can help!

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The Leighton Township Library near Wayland, MI has several upcoming programs to help you embrace nature and welcome it into your yard this spring.

Says the library,

Like the sounds & sights of birds in your yard? Plan to join us at Leighton Township Library for this free event to learn how to make your yard more inviting to birds.

Not only is the library hosting a workshop on birds, but they also have upcoming seminars on mushroom hunting in Michigan and planting milkweed to bring beautiful monarch butterflies to your home.

Monarchs in Michigan

Did you realize the annual monarch migration includes a stop here in Michigan? The monarch population has been making this trek for centuries. Every year these beautiful butterflies begin to appear in the Bay De Noc area to rest and recoup during their five-week journey down south.

Unfortunately, monarch butterflies were added to the endangered species list last year so it is extremely important that they reach their destinations safely. The monarchs have spent the winter hibernating in Mexico before making their annual trek up north in the spring.

That's why making your backyard more hospitable to these beautiful butterflies is so important! Find more details on the Leighton Township Library's Milkweed and Monarchs workshop including how to get your free milkweed seeds here.

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