Unfrosted: The Pop-Tart Story is set in mid-'60s Michigan.

Fire up the toaster, grab a glass of milk, and get ready to watch two cereal powerhouses duke it out over everyone's favorite childhood breakfast pastry!

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This is news to me but apparently Jerry Seinfeld has been obsessed with the origins of Pop-Tarts for some time now. According to Netflix Seinfeld has been ranting about the breakfast pastry on-stage as far back as 2010, even going so far as to share his plans for the movie back in 2018:

What's the Deal With Pop-Tarts?

According to Netflix the new project covers,

the story of the cutthroat and breakneck race to invent the Pop-Tart. Seinfeld has called the Pop-Tart a “perfect vision of the future from Kellogg’s.” But at what cost? We’re about to find out.

Set to hit the streamer on May 3, 2024 the film stars such comedic heavy-hitters as Jim Gaffigan, Melissa McCarthy, Fred Armisen, Amy Schumer, and even Seinfeld himself.

The REAL Pop-Tart Inventor

However, what's most disappointing is the fact that the man credited with having invented Pop-Tarts in the first place, William "Bill" Post, sadly passed away days ago in Grand Rapids. This means he'll never get to see the finished product! I'd be curious to know what his involvement on Unfrosted was, if any.

I hope this isn't a spoiler, but according to Post's obituary,

Bill is often credited for having "invented" the Pop Tart. To be accurate, however, Bill would say, "I assembled an amazing team that developed Kellogg's concept of a shelf-stable toaster pastry into a fine product that we could bring to market in the span of just four months".

I can't wait to see world's collide on Friday, May 3. Will you be watching Unfrosted: The Pop-Tart Story when it hits streaming?

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