Wedding season is fast approaching!

Think about all the wedding engagements we saw over the holidays. Pretty soon it's going to be nothing but non-stop nuptials across Michigan as spring and warmer weather signal the start of the 2024 wedding season.

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Excited couples put plenty of blood, sweat, and tears into ensuring their big day is nothing short of perfect but I have to admit, whatever this new wedding trend is has me confused. Eager brides are always looking to stay ahead of the curve and take advantage of the hottest styles but when did that include dancing robots at the reception?

Now, I'm not planning a wedding myself and I don't know anyone who is, so I'll be the first to admit I'm out the loop when it comes to fashionable weddings. I only first heard about it from every Millennials favorite "news" source-- TikTok.

User @TheBalkanBarbie lives in south New Jersey and shared the latest wedding trend sweeping the east coast is wedding robots. Currently in the process of planning a wedding herself, @TheBalkanBarbie seems just as confused about this trend as we are.

On her quest to stay on-budget @TheBalkanBarbie turned to social media asking what former brides had regretted spending their money on and guess what? The dancing robot is not one of them! As she explains,

people keep bringing up like, 'Oh! I'm SO happy I spent money on the robot!'

The bride-to-be assumed it was one of those cool flashy 360° cameras or something similar, but was not expecting to hear these women were in fact gushing over a literal dancing robot.

wedding robot
Alejandro Duen via YouTube

In her video @TheBalkanBarbie shares clips from east coast weddings where a person on stilts is wearing a glowing robot costume while towering over others on the dance floor. I guess the purpose is to hype up your guests and encourage them to let loose on the dance floor? I have questions.

Mainly, how much do they cost? And why did this trend even start in the first place?

Oh, did I mention they shoot tequila out of their arms? Maybe these brides are onto something after all.

Would you hire a tequila shooting, LED dancing robot for your wedding? How long before this trend make it over to Michigan?

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