Oh boy, does America have a reputation. What's normal to us in the States is often bewildering to folks in other countries. And with the rise of social media, America's tomfoolery continues to baffle citizens around the world.

That said, no social media rivalry is bigger than the United States and England - they poke fun at our shenanigans, we remind them we beat them in a war 250 years ago. It's a healthy relationship.

But we're both so, so ignorant of each others' cultures and lifestyles that it's somewhat surprising that our country was born out of theirs.

Still, ignorance can make for some great jokes.

A British person took to Twitter, before it became X, and made an effort to describe what they knew about all 50 states without Googling any extra information. The posts went viral as they nailed almost every single state. If you missed the thread a few years ago or want to relive it all again, here ya go.

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The best, without a doubt, was Florida. Everyone knows the "Florida Man" reputation.

Florida's roast got the most likes, but close behind was Michigan.

You know how the lyrics to Journey's Don't Stop Believin' say the city boy born and raised in South Detroit "took the midnight train going anywhere"? He meant anywhere but Detroit.

Heading into this thread, I was sure the joke would reference Detroit, but I thought it'd be some low-hanging fruit about crime or poverty in the area. But given that the Motor City did have its mass exodus after building the nation's cars, the Brit knows their history and uses it well.

That said, they could've hit Ohio a bit harder.

Seriously? Everyone hates Ohio - and way more famous people have come from the state than some astrophysicist - who wasn't an astrophysicist! Neil Armstrong was just an astronaut and aeronautical engineer.

They made up for it with their burns on Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin, though. (Heads up, some of these tweets are NSFW).

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