Maybe read this one when you haven't just eaten, are currently eating or are about to eat. Some of the banned food items in Ohio are enough to make the most iron of stomachs turn uncomfortably whether by their contents or how they are produced.

Tastes vary, from region to region, country to country, continent to continent. There are cultures around the globe that eat insects. There are cultures in our own homeland that simply choose to not season their food. We as a species can't begin to comprehend why certain tastes and textures are or are not acceptable for consumption - or why some of the most bizarre options are considered delicacies.

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Of course, the irony of that entire paragraph is that items that are totally normal here, like Mountain Dew, Gatorade, Skittles, Frosted Flakes and Little Debbie Swiss Rolls are banned in many other countries around the world because of adverse health implications. You can see an entire list of common U.S. foods banned in other countries from Slacker here.

Nonetheless, here in the United States, there are plenty of foods that are banned across the board and others that are heavily regulated and thus banned in many states. Ohio, shockingly, doesn't appear to outright ban some of the more controversial forbidden foods, such as shark fins and foie gras which have torturous means of production - though, you're not likely to find these foods in Ohio without a concerning amount of effort.

Ohio itself does have one interesting and somewhat unique ban that is sure to annoy those who didn't realize it sooner, as it is actually a fairly popular product. That product as well as 15 other items you can't eat in Ohio are included in the gallery below.

16 Forbidden Foods That Are Banned in Ohio

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