Flipping homes is a trend that likely won't go away anytime soon. As it stands, the housing market isn't exactly easy to get into, so finding a cheap home that you can build into your own over time is a logical route.

For anyone looking to get a 10-bedroom house for under $100k in East Michigan with a classic style, there isn't a better place to look than this Saginaw home just off the banks of the Saginaw River.

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Built in 1962, this Victorian Gothic home has 5,774 sq. ft. worth of history to resurrect. The home is sold as is, according to its Zillow listing, but has also seen recent upgrades to accommodate for adult foster care residents. The house was clearly used for commercial purposes recently.

The home sold for $300,000 in 2001, so to be on the market once again at $95,900 does say quite a bit about how the home has suffered over the years. Still, those with the budget and know-how to invest in the spirit of this home will come away with something truly special.

The home sits diagonally from the Saginaw Art Museum, is close to downtown and a comfortable distance from I-675 and I-75. Location is one of the perks of the historic home as it isn't tucked away in the suburbs while sitting in a comfortable space on N Michigan Ave along the Saginaw River.

The home hasn't been listed long, and with growing popularity on its listing, it could sell fast, especially considering its low price.

See inside the home in the photo gallery below.

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