I don't know why a bandit in the Motor City tried to rob a tow truck driver. I only know he'll never do it again.

A Gunman Tried To Rob A Detroit Tow Truck Driver On Monday

An armed gunman attempted to rob a tow truck driver on the city's northeast side at 9:30 Monday morning. He probably was unaware that the tow truck driver also was armed, and he got the drop on the robber, killing him almost instantly.

“I heard multiple gunshots, around six to eight,” one neighbor told WXYZ News. That neighbor did not want to be identified. “You have to get these crooks off the street on way or another,” the witness added, saying the deceased alleged robber was well known to local residents.

Towing Companies Have A Right To Arm Themselves Says Lawyer

Some tow truck operators refrain from carrying a concealed gun, even when working a rough neighborhoods because the insurance liability is too high.

“I don’t know anybody that will cover your civil liability and that is why we promote education,” Bill Kucyk, an attorney who is also the owner of Action Impact Firearms and Training Centers told WXYZ.

Joshua Akeredolu via Unsplash
Joshua Akeredolu via Unsplash

“If you are in an occupation where your life is at risk, I encourage you to take whatever steps you need to to protect yourself,” said Kucyk.

As of this writing, Detroit police have not issued any charges against the driver, and the case has been turned over to the Wayne County prosecutor's office for further review.

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