Is it possible that we will lose self-checkout at stores?

Currently I am seeing more and more self-checkout lanes in stores. Meijer, Spartan-Nash, Target, and Walmart stores, to name a few, have had them for a few years. And now I'm even seeing self-checkout in Walgreen's.

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Self-checkout is many times more convenient, for sure when you only have a few items and the regular checkout lanes are busy with "full cart shoppers."

But, as easy as it has been, there are problems with self-checkout and Walmart is thinking maybe it's time to rethink this self-checkout thing.

Walmart is trying out a store without self-checkout in Shrewsbury, Missouri, to see how it goes. 

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Walmart says the decision was based on several factors, including feedback from associates and customers, shopping patterns, and business needs in this area they have chosen to test this out.

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I think probably the big thing left unsaid here is that self-checkout lanes are a shoplifter's paradise. So much product walks out the door undetected. Ouch! That is a huge hit on the bottom line!

Not everyone is happy about this, however. Results from their survey published on the website, showed the Gen Z customer, born between 1997 and 2012, is probably the most unhappy.

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The survey showed 67% of shoppers polled said they would prefer stores with self-checkout. This is even more true for the Gen Z shoppers polled, who said they would be likely to switch retailers for check-out free stores, or spend more money with a retailer that has a connected or automated checkout experience.

Honestly! Wouldn't you really deal with a real person than a robotic machine? I would!

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