Journey is a quintessential classic rock band and the staple of playlists on radio stations across America. But after a snub to Michigan during the San Fransisco 49ers-Detroit Lions game for the NFC championship, a radio station in Michigan is removing the band from its playlist.

Journey played during halftime of the game at Levi's Stadium near San Fransisco. Journey is a band from the Bay Area so a perfect choice for a halftime show. The band played a signature hit, 'Don't Stop Believing' a love song about a small-town girl and a city boy 'born and raised in South Detroit.'

Journey Changes Iconic 'Don't Stop Believing' Lyric

And that's the trouble spot. Lead singer Arnel Pineda changed the classic lyric from 'South Detroit' to 'San Fransisco.' After all, the San Fran band can't be singing about the opposing team. It's a classic example of going for a cheap pop.

Listening to a bootleg recording of the moment, the crown signing along mindlessly going with the 'South Detroit' line and then cheers after the crown collectively registered the singer changed the lyric.

You can hear the moment about :30 into this video:

Michigan Radio Station Responds to Journey Lyric Snub

Kalamazoo, Michigan-based radio station WRKR announced Monday following the NFC championship they have removed Journey indefinitely after the snub.

The station posted on Facebook:

After careful consideration, we've decided that because Journey chose to play Don't Stop Believing at Halftime and switched the lyrics from "Detroit" to "San Francisco," starting today, we will be removing Journey from our music catalog indefinitely.

It's a brilliant stunt and attention grabber. Other classic rock stations like WLAV in Grand Rapids or WCSX in Detroit were not quick on the opportunity to defend the statewide den, as it were.

No indication of how long WRKR will keep the Journey ban in place as of the publication of this story, there is no Journey appearing on the station's playlist.

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