When you attend a ball game perhaps you look forward to the food as much as the action on the field. After all, pro sports stadiums across America have put a priority on the fan experience like never before and that almost certainly includes ballpark eats.

But what about a quick bite from a drive thru before or after the game? Fast food restaurants are generally ubiquitous in cities and towns across America and along interstate highways. Therefore fast food could be easy to grab when heading to a game, right? Right?

Surprisingly, not so much with every team. FanDuel and Wendy's teamed up on a sports stat you knew you needed - distance from Major League Baseball stadium to the nearest Wendy's, in walking distance.

Seattle's Mariners are just a 3 minute jaunt from the nearest Wendy's while those attending a San Francisco Giants game, on the other end of the spectrum are 192 minute hike to the nearest home of those fresh, never frozen square burgers from Wendy's.

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Detroit is near the bottom of the list. Comerica Park is 62 minute walk to the nearest Wendy's - 25th longest walk in MLB. Since all Detroit's sports stadiums are all within a few blocks of each other, they are all a similar distance to a Wendy's.

What about other fast food burger chains? We looked at the two largest, McDonald's and Burger King.

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Comerica Park is a 27 minute walk to the nearest McDonald's at Woodward and Canfield. The Burger King nearest to the ballpark is a 29 minute walk to Lafayette and Washington. (There is a Burger King slightly closer - a 21 minute walk -  in the Renaissance Center which we're not counting as it may not be accessible during night and weekend games and without drive-thru service.)

With those long walks, we're confident in saying Detroit's pro sports teams may be in something of a fast food desert.

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