Rapidly growing and wildly popular convivence store chain Buc-ee's has put Michigan on notice launching what may be the first Buc-ee's billboard in the state.

The billboard appeared in early spring 2024 along Interstate 96 between Grand Rapids and Lansing with a message that would be cryptic to those uninitiated to all things Buc-ee but very telling to those who know the buck-toothed rodent mascot.

It's that cartoon Buc-ee along with the words '444 Miles' that appears on the billboard westbound on I-96 at the Kent/Ionia County line.

Someone did the math and from that location near Lowell, the 444 miles away Buc-ee's is Richmond, Kentucky.

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This is not the first time the chain has sparked intrigue with a similar random billboard. In 2021, Buc-ee's erected a billboard in central Indiana pointing drivers to a location 552 miles away in Alabama.

What is most curious about the Indiana billboard campaign, not 2 years later a Buc-ee's sprung up much closer to Indy with a location slated for suburban Dayton, Ohio.

So does a Buc-ee's billboard in Michigan put the state on notice? On the clock? Start to build awareness?

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If you're a Buc-ee's fanatic, you can only hope.

And if you are not yet in the know about why some will travel hundreds of miles for a gas station, allow these images to be your introduction:

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