The long-rumored Apple virtual reality headset has been officially announced. During one of Apple’s occasional keynote addresses, company CEO Tim Cook unveiled the “Apple Vision Pro.

The new device, which Apple is billing as the start of “the era of spatial computing,” will supposedly merge “digital content” with your “physical space.”

You can watch Apple’s official video hyping the product below. The portion about watching movies or TV shows within the headset comes around the 2:45 mark. It claims you can not only make the screen within the device seem as big as your room — you can also place yourself, and your movie, in a massive environment, and then make the screen feel “100 feet wide.‚ If the illusion is convincing, that would be quite a virtual feat:

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In addition to standard 2D content that you can watch on the Apple Vision Pro, the device will also include a library of VR content — including new material from Disney. At the keynote, Disney CEO Bob Iger appeared to announce exclusive Disney “experiences” within the device, which he described as “a revolutionary platform that can make our vision a reality.” Disney teased watching NBA games as well as enjoying a parade from a Disney theme park as part of the presentation.

Getting immersed in a theme park from the comfort of your couch sounds like a pretty cool idea. It ain’t going to be a cheap one, though, at least to start. When the Apple Vision Pro launches in early 2024, it will cost $3,499. You’d better begin saving your virtual dollars right now if you’re interested.

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