For the first time ever since the streaming service’s start in 2020, Peacock is changing their prices.

Most streaming services have been hiking prices lately, and it seems that Peacock is no different. While sometimes it doesn’t feel like streaming services actually improve as a result of these price hikes, it does cost money to host additional content and to upgrade the UI. The only issue with that line of thinking is that the companies who are running the services now are mostly individual studios. That means that they immediately have access to anything in their catalog. It seems that Netflix might be one of the only major services that has to license streaming content from other sources.


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The price increase is $1 a month, meaning that Peacock Premium (with ads) will now be $5.99 per month. The (mostly) ad-free version, Peacock Premium Plus, will sit at $11.99, a price increase of $2.00 monthly. According to NBC, the service will have over 100,000 hours of content available for streaming by the end of the year. At the end of the last reported quarter, Peacock has also had a total of 22 million subscribers, which is 60 percent more than it had at that time of year in 2022.

In addition to original programming and programming from NBC’s media catalog, the service also boasts a ton of live sports and WWE events, which many other streaming services don’t carry. They also have morning news coverage happening daily. Whether or not you think the price increase is worth it, it seems like we’re kind of stuck with it. You also won’t see any more free subscriptions bundled with your Comcast cable.

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