I've seen hundreds of music acts over my concert going career, but one of the ones that I love the most is AJR.

The three brothers have created a live show that is well thought out, incredibly imaginitive and interactive. If you have the chance to catch them at their upcoming date in Detroit, you're guaranteed to be in for a great family friendly evening.

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I genuniely believe that their live show is such a fun and memoral one, that it could turn a stranger to their music into a fan almost instantly. 

They brought their latest adventure of a live show, The Maybe Man Tour to Van Andel Arena in April. You could say that the audience got a gift just by being there, but in turn Van Andel Arena made a gift of their own in the name of the band as a thank you for their visit.

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In a video posted to member Adam Met's tiktok account, he said that Van Andel Arena made a donation to two of their favorite charities, and how excited he was about finding out.

@Adambmet on TikTok
@Adambmet on TikTok

He exclaims that he has a charity that he helps run called Planet Reimagined. He then went on to say that the Arena in Grand Rapids made a donation of $250 to both his charity, and the Kids Food Basket.

@adambmet These venues have been giving amazing gifts! @Van Andel Arena went above and beyond making a donation to both us at @Planet Reimagined as well as Kids Food Basket! Thank you we really appreciate it #ontour #tmmtour #donation #livemusic #bts #backstage #climatechange #donations ♬ original sound - Adam Met

I'm not going to lie, it's pretty awesome to see something positive coming from a concert experience that I had right here in West Michigan. So, shout out to Van Andel Arena for making Grand Rapids look as awesome as it is.

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