I had no clue about craft beer until I turned 21 and moved to Grand Rapids for a job.

Some new co-workers took me out to local breweries after work and I quickly fell in love with breweries like Bells, Founders, Perrin, and Shorts.

Years later I still love those places and make it a point to try new breweries.

I  now have another place I want to try because they just got some major recognition in a major publication.

Seedz Brewery Has Been Picked As The Best New Brewery In America

USA Today has named Seedz Brewery in Union Pier, Michigan, as the Best New Brewery in America

Located in a small town of just 600 people, Seedz Brewery has quickly made a name for itself.

The brewery's founder, Ryan Ziarko, began his brewing journey in college and honed his skills at Burn 'Em Brewing before opening Seedz Brewery.

Seedz Brewery opened in February 2021, offering a range of small-batch brews that emphasize local ingredients and specialize in German and Belgian styles.

Seedz Brewery is known for its signature slow pours, which can take up to seven minutes, but the wait is worth it giving it a distinctive foam top that enhances the beer's flavor and aroma.

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Credit: Seedz Brewery via Facebook
Credit: Seedz Brewery via Facebook
USA Today's recognition of Seedz Brewery as the Best New Brewery is based on a combination of expert opinions and reader votes.
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