On Tuesday August 8th at around 9:30pm, three teens were walking down Wise Road which is just northwest of Greenville when a car hit all three of them and kept on driving leaving the scene of the accident.

The tragic accident claimed the life of 14-year-old Jamison Lafferty, while seriously injuring the two other teens.

And the worst part? The driver ran and is still missing in action after this terrible incident. Police issued a BOLO for a dark colored Volkswagon Jetta, which they were able to recover yesterday. However, the driver is still on the run.

Now the community is doing what they can to rally behind the family to support and raise money in their upcoming journey of healing and putting back their lives.

Local t-shirt maker Imporium Printing has started to make "Jacket Strong" shirts for people to buy, with all of the proceeds going to help the families effected.

Imporium Printing
Imporium Printing

The shirts come in various sizes and styles, and so far they've been able to raise nearly $10,000 off sales, which hopes of adding to that number. If you'd like to buy one the shirts, they're still available online.

You also have an additional chance to help just by picking up your daily coffee. The Biggby Coffee location at 14 Mile Road in Greenville will be donating all of the tips they receive today through Sunday to the families. So, here's your excuse to treat yourself this weekend and to leave some love in that tip jar to help.


It's incredible how the communities have rallied behind these families during their time of need, and we're hoping the driver steps forward and admits to what they did so they can finally find closure and peace. Accidents happen- but running away will never be rewarded.

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