Hours after The Devil Wears Prada dropped their brand-new song, "Ritual," vocalist and guitarist Jeremy DePoyster joined Loudwire Nights to celebrate the release.

"I feel like all we do is go on tour and make music since the pandemic," DePoyster admitted to host Chuck Armstrong on Friday night (March 8).

"We feel really creative and have a lot to think of all the time, so I feel like we're constantly just going and writing and we put stuff together that we want to get out there."

"Ritual" marks the band's first new music since 2022's Color Decay, and while DePoyster wouldn't reveal what the song is pointing toward, it seemed obvious that they have more music to share with fans.

"I assume that within the next couple of years we'll have an album," he said. "We've been busy. We just wrapped up a tour like, literally, a couple of days ago and we've been going pretty full steam ahead on that. So, you know, it's just whenever we have time at home to actually be able to work on stuff."

As DePoyster considered what might be on the horizon, he also spent a bit of time reflecting on the past 20 years of the band's existence — and he was quick to admit that it's "unbelievable" to see where they're at today.

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"I just think it's cool, we can still play a song we just wrote like a year ago and everyone goes off on it and then we can play a song we wrote when I was 18 and it goes off," he said.

"I just try to not take it for granted and be thankful we can still do it."

What Else Did The Devil Wears Prada's Jeremy DePoyster Discuss on Loudwire Nights?

  • What sort of lessons he's learned over 20 years of making and playing music
  • What the band's writing process was like in the early days and how that compares to their recent surge of creativity
  • Why he enjoys writing with others: "I hate the idea that when you make a record, it should just be you by yourself. That seems kind of boring and kind of makes the same thing over and over."

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