Slash is a blues guy, but in a new interview, the guitar legend named his current favorite metal bands.

The rocker has a new album coming out this month, Orgy of the Damned, which is a blues covers album. It features guest vocals from AC/DC's Brian Johnson, The Black Crowes' Chris Robinson, Dorothy, country singer Chris Stapleton, pop rocker Demi Lovato and some others.

Although his guitar playing has always been more blues-focused, he's still a fan of some heavy stuff. In an interview on the YouTube channel Coffee With Ola, he said that most of what he's been listening to lately is older bands who put out new albums, and some of them are metal groups.

"AC/DC had a new record [Power Up, 2020]. That was really good. Queens of the Stone Age's got a new record [In Times New Roman..., 2023]. I love Gojira, it's great. The new Metallica [72 Seasons, 2023] is fucking amazing. So there's a lot of new stuff in that vein," the guitarist said, adding that Dirty Honey are one of the newer bands he's had his eyes on since they have an "old school style."

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Slash was asked if there are any other metal bands he's been paying attention to lately, to which he replied, "Yeah, well, Gojira's one, Metallica's one. The last Megadeth record [The Sick, The Dying... and the Dead!, 2022] was cool. I think that's about it for me at the moment."

Check out the full interview below.

Slash's next U.S. tour leg kicks off July 5 in Montana and wraps up in mid-August in Texas. See the full itinerary on his website.

Slash Names His Current Favorite Metal Bands

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