Aside from their June 8 appearance at Download Festival getting noise complaints, Metallica recently received disrespect from fans who felt that their second performance (last night, June 10) was going to be – or actually was – upstaged by Bring Me the Horizon’s June 9 set. Fortunately, Falling in Reverse frontman Ronnie Radke quickly and bluntly came to the thrash metal legends’ defense.

In addition to playing some classic tracks (such as “Kingslayer,” “The House of Wolves,” “Drown,” “Shadow Moses” and “Throne”), Bring Me the Horizon also announced the follow-up to 2020’s Post Human: Survival HorrorPost Human: NeX GEn – which is set to arrive on Sept. 15 via Sony/RCA. Apparently, their show was so impressive that attendees on Twitter thought they outshined Metallica.

Yesterday morning (June 10), someone tweeted: “[W]ant to send my condolences to Metallica, sucks having to follow up Bring Me The Horizon's headling set from yesterday. best of luck y'all.” Shortly thereafter, Radke retweeted it, adding: “[K]indly shut the fuck up with the Metallica slander.”

Moments later, someone else chimed in, “Nah he right tho,” to which Radke replied: “Not even fucking close.”

Afterward, yet another user stated, “I’m sorry but if we still can’t admit Bring isn’t rivaling Metallica then we are just lying to ourselves.” Radke also retweeted them, adding: “Sir Metallica just played 2 nights sold out at so fi stadium 140,000 tickets sold. bring me isn’t even CLOSE. To that. Have some respect thank you.”

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Unsurprisingly, all three exchanges were met with more polarizing input from people (Radke, however, stopped participating in the discussion). For instance, someone else defended Metallica: “Yeah I like bmth but don't even pretend they are close to the same energy Metallica brings.”

Another user took a more neutral stance: “I mean. Sure. That’s a legacy act. They are going to pull a crowd regardless. However bring me is definitely on trajectory to be up there with linkin park and Metallica. I don’t personally like them becouse I grew up listening to stuff like your ETF. So to me they aren’t huge.”

You can see those three main exchanges below.

So, whose side do you take? Or, do you fall somewhere in the middle? Let us know!

Earlier this month, Bring Me the Horizon debuted a new single – “AmEN!” – that features Lil Uzi Vert and Glassjaw vocalist Daryl Palumbo. Similarly, Falling in Reverse entered Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart for the first time ever with their latest single, “Watch the World Burn,” earlier this year. They’re also among the guests appearing on AXS TV’s The Power Hour.

As for Metallica, they’re obviously in the midst of their M72 World Tour. You can see the remaining tour dates here and grab tickets here.

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