Have you ever wondered what a particularly famous late rockstar had for their last meal?

Sure, the fascination may seem macabre, but looking at the final things deceased rock stars ingested can often give a fascinating look behind the scenes of their lives or personas.

So let's all grab a set at the table and feast on the banquet — what information is publicly available, that is — regarding rock stars' last meals.

See the list down toward the bottom of this post.

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The ingredients of famous rock stars' last meals are many and varied. Some rockers' last meals may not even be quote-unquote meals in a sense — or at least not a course of food. Sometimes, it might be just a decadent dessert. Or a drink and some smokes, perhaps with other substances.

Although, most ate food before their death.

And while the term "last meal" may more often than not signify a prisoner on death row's final choice of food, it doesn't have to be looked at that way. Everyone who dies will eat a last something before their death. When you're a famous musician or celebrity, that final dish will likely get a careful look after the fact.

Below, see the list of 10 late rock stars and their corresponding final meals. Underneath that, check out a historical guide to the art of guitar smashing in rock 'n' roll.

What 10 Rock Stars Had for Their Last Meals

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The History of Smashing Guitars in Rock 'n' Roll

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