Music discovery is a continual process, and not everyone's tastes are quite the same. So, in the name of generating some interest for some of his favorite artists, Municipal Waste frontman Tony Foresta has provided us a list of his 12 favorite vocalists right now.

This is "current for me," says Foresta, noting that "the list fluctuates daily. Ha. David Yow, Jeff Walker, Brucie D are all around there, too. This is for fun and hopefully gets folks jamming more music."

And speaking of jamming music, you'll want to be sure to jam Municipal Waste's most recent album, Electrified Brain, which was released last year. You can get the album in multiple formats here and look for the band playing European tour dates next month. Get details here.

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As for Foresta's list, it includes a mix of well-known vocalists, some that are a little more obscure and he offers a nod of respect to a singer outside the metal world as well. So check out Municipal Waste singer Tony Foresta's 12 Favorite Vocalists Right Now below.

Municipal Waste's Tony Foresta's 12 Favorite Vocalists Right Now

No waste, only the best.

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